This board actively engage a team of dedicated professionals who conceptualise and incubate program of public benefit.

About Us

Mercy Mission UK has a very clear focus; to embrace Islamic knowledge and emancipate the Islamic spirit from within the Muslim community.

Since inception we have brought together people from across the Muslim and Non-Muslim community to work together and improve understanding. We have been able to incubate programs of public benefit which have empowered some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Since inception in 2007, Mercy Mission UK has delivered major projects to benefit the British Muslim community. Starting with educational programs such as the AlKauthar Institute and Ramadan TV and then moving into social programs such as the National Zakat Foundation and Charity Right. The growth has been achieved through a collaboration of Islamic scholars and teachers working with skilled professionals across multiple sectors to deliver solutions to community problems, which bring confidence, piety, self-sufficiency and selflessness to countless communities across the globe.


Mercy Mission UK

The Faith Centre, Oakwood Court, City Road
Bradford, BD8 8JY.

Tel: +44 208 935 5095