Due to the huge shortage of Muslim foster carers, Muslim foster children are placed outside of their faith tradition.

Muslim Foster Network

Muslim Foster Network is a community empowerment initiative. Its aim is to ensure the best possible placement for children coming into foster care.

In order to achieve this, we have identified three core areas of improvement.

  • Improve the recruitment process for foster carers,

We have identified and implemented a better vetting system for potential foster carers to make sure we get better quality foster carers.


  • Support systems for non-Muslim carers looking after Muslim children.

Due to the national shortage of Muslim foster carers, we have created a support network for carers looking after Muslim foster children.


  • Gifts and mosque open days for the children cildren.

Children that are separated from their family and often community, growing up outside of their cultural heritage, and can feel isolated and confused. We have created gift boxes for non-Muslim families that have a number of educational assets for them all to understand the Muslim culture better, as a family and support their foster child with their identity.


We work with fostering services across all areas of England to give every child the best start in life by placing them with foster carers who meet their individual needs.

For further details please visit our website: www.muslimfosternetwork.org.uk