Our Ramadan campaign is very simple; to free Syrians from the indignity, humiliation and dehumanization of camp life. We have the unique ability to do this as a national development partner of the community sponsorship program with the Home Office.

We are seeking to mobilise funds to deploy resources across the country to support this process. We need your help to support our program which supports communities to make an application to the government to sponsor a Syrian family currently in a border refugee camp of Syria.

Support us with whatever you can, as our aid changes the life of each family we engage forever:

National Programs


We are currently developing the country’s first community Waqf. If you would like to be part of this journey please get in touch with us directly for a Waqf advisor to share with you the options. Minimum investment is £5,000, and you can arrange a consultation through emailing: finance@mercymission.org.uk.


Vulnerable Families

We are focussing on sponsoring Syrian families to be able to come to the UK from camps in Jordan and Lebanon. Support this work. The cost is £5,000 per family. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please do, as every pound makes a difference.

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