Mercy Mission UK is a community development organisation with a track record of incubating projects of civic benefit. Since inception in 2006 we have delivered a number of leading community initiatives adding value to the fabric of the British community and providing premier opportunities for social activists and entrepreneurs to make the country and the world at large a better place. Organisations we have launched include, AlKauthar Institute, Ramadan TV, National Zakat Foundation and Charity Right.

Through 2016-2018 we are maturing our work on two distinct fronts:


We have launched the Muslim Foster Network. This is the UK’s leading initiative for building capacity in the British Muslim community for fostering children. The program has two clear objectives:

  1. Supporting Muslims Families Into Foster Care

    This program works to provide education, awareness and training for Muslim families about foster care. Working with mosques, community groups and through major events we provide detailed information and support on how to become a foster carer. Our programs ensure we inculcate community interest and then convert that into registrations into the foster care system.

    With thousands of children in care and the prospect of thousands of refugee children expected to enter the system over the next next two years, it is essential the community respond with increased capacity.

  2. Supporting Non-Muslims Caring for Muslim Children

    This program works to provide support to Non-Muslims caring for Muslim children. We have dedicated resources that are issued to Non-Muslims to help them create a faith sensitive environment for the children in their care. We have also recently launched an app to improve access to such knowledge and information for both social care professionals and foster carers.


In 2016 the refugee crisis in Europe reached crisis point. Hundreds of thousands of refugees found themselves homeless, hungry and very vulnerable. Mercy Mission UK opened a bureau in France to try and reach out for the most basic needs authorities would allow us to meet in Calais. We have a niche program that provides food supplies to a kitchen serving 1000 meals per day in the camp and provides support to the local authority in dealing with refugees who are killed attempting to cross the channel.