In the UK everyday Muslim children get taken into care, and everyday most are placed in a Non-Muslim home. For example, in February 2016 for the 44 Muslim children needing to be placed in care in just the borough of Brent (Greater London), there were only 4 Muslim foster carers available ( The issue is one that has been deteriorating in the UK in recent years and is now exacerbated by the refugee crisis that has hit Europe.

The Muslim Foster Network

The Muslim Foster Network is a new initiative of Mercy Mission UK. The project is focused on providing information and awareness on fostering in the UK to the Muslim community and then working with select agencies and local authorities to help Muslims become carers.

As a recognised community development organisation, we are using our community infrastructure and experience to support as many Muslims to become carers as possible.

We have identified three key outcomes our project will deliver:

  1. Greater capacity of faith sensitive homes for vulnerable children, notably those from refugee communities.

  2. Greater understanding amongst Non-Muslim carers of the needs of Muslim children from across the Middle East and North Africa.

  3. Greater access for local authorities on information pertaining to caring for Muslim children and training opportunities to be provided by the Muslim Foster Network.

Support us in this endeavor:

Sponsor Distribution of 10 Fostering Guides

We are seeking the support of our donors in the print and distribution of essential guides for Non-Muslim foster carers that are looking after Muslim children in care.

Donate £50

Sponsor a Fostering Event

We must rise and increase the capacity of good Muslim homes that play a role in hosting a child from a vulnerable background or even a refugee child.

Donate £480