Mercy Mission UK is a registered charity (registration number: 1122922) and is part of the Mercy Mission World movement.

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We are proud to work across fourteen countries with a wide and diverse range of stakeholders. Our work has won recognition and acclaim from a wide diversity of key stakeholders and it is important you draw confidence from this.

Our focus is to deliver upon the strategic priorities of our community and ensure we can flourish together and make a stronger society. We are committed to educating with the letter of Islam, but in a way which shows the rich and compassionate spirit of the tradition.

“Having started this movement in pursuit of the pleasure of the All Mighty upon the way of his beloved, it is wonderful to see so many inspired people get to work, and show the true spirit of Islam”

Dr Tawfique Chowdhury,
Executive Chairman, Mercy Mission World

“I would like to commend Mercy Mission for putting together a stimulating program that promotes dialogue”

The Rt. Hon. Justin P.J. Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Mercy Mission has also been endorsed by:

Rt. Hon. Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families

Shaikh, Abdul Mohsin Al Qasim, Imam Masjid Nabawai, Madinah