Countless people have made Mercy Mission World what it is today, why not join this fraternity and make it your world?

Our People

We as an organisation are committed to creating excellent opportunities for people to serve Allah through serving his creation. We understand that life is busy and people have many competing priorities, but at the same time we know life is short, and we as a community must rise up to the challenges facing us. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Allah is helping the servant as long as the servant is helping his brother…”(Muslim) and this prophetic tradition is something at the heart of our work.

When one helps another, one must remember that the primary benefactor is the self. How great a position it is where you make time for people in this world, and the Lord of the Worlds personally rewards you for it? It is for this reason we do not have a concept of volunteering in Mercy Mission UK, as volunteering suggests that one works for free, however we are confident when investing time in the opportunities we have, they are rewarded by Allah, The Most High, himself.

We are always looking for people who have a concern for the Ummah and are brave enough to invest time and effort to help. We actively encourage professionals and people with confidence in engaging the issues we manage to come forward and explore with us what role they can play.