In the Muslim community there is a major problem with recruitment of carers and as such most Muslim children are placed outside of their faith tradition.

Muslim Foster Network

In the UK everyday children get taken into care for a variety of reasons, and countless foster carers try and provide them a good and stable home. One of the biggest challenges is providing a cultural and religious match for a child, and ensuring the foster care period provides as little disruption to their social circumstances as possible.

For example, in 2016 a survey was completed by the London Central Mosque and Cultural Centre, and they found in February alone for the 44 Muslim children needing to be placed in care in just the borough of Brent, there were only 4 Muslim foster carers available. The issue is one that has been deteriorating in the UK in recent years and is now exacerbated by the refugee crisis that has hit Europe.

Mercy Mission UK is focused on providing information and awareness on fostering in the UK to the Muslim community and then working with select agencies and local authorities to help Muslims become carers. As a recognised community development organisation, we wish to use our community infrastructure and experience to support as many Muslims to become carers as possible. Together with our partners, Islamic Relief, The Fostering Network and The Better Communities Business Network, we are committed to helping the sector as a whole build capacity and ensure as many good homes as possible for the whole community.

Our work in this space focuses on:

  • Supporting Muslim Families to Become Muslim Foster Carers
  • Supporting Non-Muslim Foster Carers to Better Support the Faith Identity of Muslim Children