Currently Muslim children are facing some very dangerous and difficult circumstances in Europe.

Mercy Mission in Europe

Rape, organ harvesting and sex trafficking are all too common across the camps in France, Italy and Greece. What is even more tragic is many of these children have a right to be in the UK through having a relative in the country. Our research identifies more than 2000 children maybe eligible for a transfer to the UK, however lack the advocate and financial ability to lodge their case. Often their relatives will themselves be refugees, and as such they lack the financial and social means to assist and as such the opportunity is often lost.

Mercy Mission UK is now pioneering an effort to go into camps in Europe and assist such individual children and free them from the threat of sex exploitation and organ harvesting; this is a ruthless trade whereby young children are targeted for abduction so they can be killed and their organs extracted.

We urgently need your help to challenge this situation, as it could be only £1000 that stands between a child trying to survive life in a camp in Europe or making it to a safe home in the UK.