With hundreds of thousands of refugees entering Europe in 2015, we have seen many European countries struggle and fail to manage their needs. This has been most evident in France, where the camps in the northern part of the country, have been shockingly under resourced. Women and children have been forced into the most extreme conditions with the men, facing the harsh weather with almost no protection.

Mercy Mission UK has established a small bureau in France to try and respond to the most basic needs for the refugees. We provide two much needed interventions for the community:

Essential Food Supplies

We are providing essential food aid for refugees through a busy kitchen in the notorious ‘jungle’ camp. Serving over a thousand meals a day, we ensure staff and food supplies are available to provide a daily meal to the refugees that the camp hosts from across Africa and the Middle East.

  • £30Help feed 30 People:
  • £150Help feed 150 People:
  • £900Help feed 1000 People:

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Burial Support Services

With an unfortunate number of refugees attempting to cross the channel through chasing the Eurostar through the tunnel or hiding in trucks, a number die in this last ditch attempt. To ease the burden and burial delays, we have an agreement in place with authorities to provide the funding for any burial for such individuals.

This is a truly tragic but much needed service, and all support to ensure a dignified end to these perished souls is much appreciated.

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